The Beginning!

I suppose like any good story, I should start from the beginning. I was not always courageous enough to put myself out onto the dating scene. I was actually celibate for five years. Yes, you read that correct…..FIVE YEARS!! No dating, No sex, No nothing!!

I had my son in 2011. From 2011 until 2016 I took time to learn how to be a single mom at 24 years young and how to balance being a mom while still handling life. I went back to school when my son was one and graduated with my Cosmetology licence in a year. After I graduated I moved on to work in a Chicago based Salon & Day Spa and I have been there ever since.

I firmly believe that everybody you meet in your life you meet for a reason. Well, while I was in Cosmetology school I met this girl, we will call her Starfish. Even though Starfish and myself are no longer in touch, she deserves a thorough shout out in this blog.

In 2016 I met this guy called the Young One, and Starfish was my wing woman. I was so afraid, It had been HALF OF A DECADE!!!! Yes, I know saying it like that is so dramatic. Five years of not dating and being celibate deserves a little drama. It also leaves you scared to bits about “putting yourself out there”. Starfish was there for me though, she went with me for drinks with him and his friend and eased my awkwardness.

Things with the young one ended…of course. He started seeing this other chick, apparently he was talking to both of us at the same time. In the end, he thought he would be a gentleman and end things by bringing her to the bar he knew I went to every Tuesday (um, don’t judge me…Tuesdays were my Fridays and I closed at the salon, so a beer after a long week is so very necessary!). After he ignored me the whole night while cuddling up with the other, it’s safe to say it was over before it ever really began.

Starfish and I continued to have our Tuesday night outings and we had a blast! She was exactly what I needed to bring me back to my social life. She helped me realize that it was okay for me to live life again.

Even though we do not hang out anymore, I hope that she knows how thankful I am that she helped me at such a transitional point in my life. She taught me how to have fun again. She reminded me how to be sexy again, how to let loose and be free.

It’s natural for people to evolve and grow apart, and as for my relationship with Starfish…we did just that. However, we were left with more good times than bad and many fun, wild, and fond memories.

Even though we are living different lives now, I think about her often and I truly wish that she is doing the best in her life. I wish and hope that she has realized how beautiful she is, inside and out. She has so much to offer not only herself but to another person. I hope that she never settles, because she is above doing such a thing. I hope that she finds somebody that loves her truly and deeply and will always treat her with the love and respect that she should be treated with. I wish and hope that she has realized how talented she is and is heading on a path in life that brings her nothing but the absolute best. She will always hold a special part within me, and I thank her for her friendship, it meant a lot to me. I apologize for the rift at the end, I did not handle myself the way I would have now. Both we were both going down a destructive path of friendship and it was healthy for both of us to distance ourselves.

I always felt like she deserved an explanation, I still feel like she does. I recently reached out to her so that I could have my closure and tell her how much it meant, her being a part of my journey. Upon reaching out to her, I found out that the distancing was quite mutual, but still I need my closure.

Closure is something that I crave. I have thought about writing her a letter or telling her how much she meant to me in that part of my life, I guess now is the time that I get to do that. After all, if this blog is going to be about my relationships and bad dates, I should start with the one who revived my dating life! Starfish brought me out of my shell that I had hidden myself in, and because of Starfish….I have had quite the journey!

Now that I am done being a slacker, I am actually going to get back to my blog  and tell my stories about these adventurous journeys!


Wherever you are Starfish,

I wish you the absolute best in life, love, and fortune… Cheers :*



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