welcome to my reality!

We have all been there at some point in our life, you know the one, the dreaded dating scene. Being 30 and single in the year 2018 is what I now consider an ongoing adventure. I never know what I am in for when I come across a “potential”.  It seems all the good ones are of course in committed relationships, married, gay, or nonexistent. After being single for six years, I decided last year that it was “time to get out there” so now, year seven, still single, I have discovered that I am a complete magnet for horrendous dates. My cheer up ritual after a bad date is a Bridget Jones Movie marathon along with delivered pizza or Chinese food. I figure if Bridget Jones can go through all of that and end up with a happy ending…. well then there is hope for me too!

At first, I thought that I had hit my breaking point with this last date, I thought that I was just going to give up and throw in the towel… but I know myself better than that! I always bounce back, stronger and more resilient than ever!

I was at work, walked in like the hot mess I felt like, and cried when I saw my best friend. In good best friend fashion, she told me to stop or she was going to punch me in the face! We have rules about crying over boys. But I wasn’t crying over a boy, I was crying over the fact that every date I go on ends in such a tragic manner.

Now at this point the four coworkers (ones I actually like) that were hanging out in our back room are looking at me asking what had happened. I proceeded to tell them, and they proceeded to cheer me up.

We then reminisced on my tragic year of dating, laughing at all my past experiences. One coworker even joked that I should keep a blog of bad dates seeing as how I have so many. We all laughed, but within the next hour this blog was born.

I do feel, in a small way, that I have hit my dating rock bottom. Instead of giving up I will provide others with the entertainment that is repeatedly my reality. I have heard all the clichés about when you’re not looking, and when you least expect it, and you know, they all come from people who don’t have to date in the year 2018. A time when you can use dating apps to skip the bar scene and go straight to sexting and hookups without having to buy all the drinks and enduring the walk of shame the next morning.

One of my favorite things to hear (from the same people who provide me with the clichés, if you were wondering) is “I don’t know how you do it” and “I could never date now a days” in which I just laugh a fake little laugh and say, “Oh yeah, it’s something!”. I mean what do I even respond to that, this is my reality. So instead of getting offended or sad or upset, I will take these experiences of mine, share them with you, and you can either appreciate your own relationship a little more or if you’re single have a good laugh at these bullets you have dodged!

Enjoy The Bad Date Chronicles!


my reality

2 thoughts on “welcome to my reality!

  1. Thank you! I am looking forward to reading yours as well, I am a single mom (of one) so I can relate to the chaos that is parenting! And yes, I would love it if I could have a few good ones in between…However, I am just not that lucky haha disaster swirls around me like the dirt cloud surrounding Pig-Pen in the comic Peanuts.


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